Oblong leather punch - No3 to 18
  • Oblong leather punch - No3 to 18

Oblong leather punch - No3 to 18


Heavy duty leather punch made in plain steel : machined / forged. Our punches are manufactured with an inner negative tapper to facilitate the leather removal.

For maximum strength and increased life time, our punches are heat treated in our own forge workshop, then manually polished and sharpened.

Note : a large punch requires a significant impact force and a robust workbench. We strongly recommend our 3.55.50 880g mallet and a hard wood plate or a 3.845 Ertacetal plate. Working on a metallic support is prohibited.


A respected know-how, forged tools


National delivery & international TNT


Secure payment CB - Chèque - Virement

N°3 : 7mm x 2mm         

N°4 : 9mm x 2.5mm

N°5 : 11mm x 2.5mm 

N°6 : 13.5mm x 3mm 

N°7 : 16mm x 3mm 

N°8 : 18mm x 4mm  

N°9 : 21mm x 4mm  

N°10 : 23mm x 4mm 

N°11 : 25mm x 4mm

N°12 : 27mm x 4mm

N°13 : 29.5mm x 4.5mm 

N°14 : 32mm x 5mm

N°15 : 34mm x 5mm 

N°16 : 36mm x 5mm

N°17 : 39mm x 6mm 

N°18 : 42mm x 6mm


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